Blue Volcano Coffee

Blue Volcano Coffee

From time to time, just like any coffee house, large and small, we try new things to test out new products. Right now, we’re giving some new coffee beans a go, introducing Blue Volcano!

An amazing roast from Black Sheep Coffee in Bankside, London. As their website invites you, why not leave the herd behind? This was an easy choice – it’s a bit different with an incredibly full flavour. If you’re not a fan of change though, don’t worry, we’re still serving our usual blend too.

Blue Volcano coffee beans take their name from where they’re sourced, in the mountains well away from civilization. That’s what gives a really unique flavour, and we hope you’ll join us soon to share in our excitement.

It’s already available and we’re planning to keep it that way for as long as possible, probably until the end of October and beyond, supplies permitting.

We should add that you can also buy Blue Volcano if you’re the proud owner of a home coffee machine, either in whole bean format if you’re a bean to cup person, or ground if you’re that way inclined. Either way, it comes highly recommended from the Finch Coffee House Team.

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